I probably haven’t said this before, but it was realizing my identity as “I am” and that “I am” completely whole, righteous, worthy, loved, perfected and that nothing can change that (and same goes for all of creation)  which compelled me with no effort of my own to move on to veganism from 18 years of vegetarianism. I have never told anyone that they have any less standing with God for not being vegan/vegetarian, yet I am accused of it regularly. I know why people “assume” that is what I am saying, but their Ego (carnal mind) must let that go. It has nothing to do with what I am teaching. It is the same Ego that says “eat meat freely” that says “she is condemning you for not being vegan”. I wish people could ponder that more….understand that just as I do not condemn their standing with “God” that it is not in their best interest (or that of starving people worldwide, neither the animals) for LIFE to eat meat. But I have to move on from those who want to defend their addiction. There is a world of people looking for the knowledge, encouragement and support that we have to offer. The rest is just a distraction. Sometimes I take the time to try to “analyze” if someone is “seeking more” or just trying to be “right” and defend their addiction/preference. But I cannot spend the time analyzing…its precious time wasted when someone only wants to argue their point. ❤ Vegan or Vegetarian or not….if you desire love, support, encouragement, knowledge, help etc…I am here for you. Just tell me. 🙂



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