Easy Seitan Recipe!


My ingredients 


img_6150_thumb                                                                                                                                http://www.hungryhungryhippie.com/tutorial-how-to-make-seitan/


No, eating meat is not a “sin” and will not send you to “hell”, BUT…

I believe that without laws against slavery, gender bias, and racism (all of which none are a sin according to the bible) Americans (and others) would still be enslaving colored people, not allowing women rights and segregating races. The ONLY reason many people don’t is because there are LAWS against it. None of these things are “SINS” yet we as humans have learned that they are wrong, regardless of what the bible says and we hold each other accountable under the law. If we were to abolish these laws, we would see the same thing happening as is with animals…..people would enslave, discriminate and oppress one another, just as they do animals. Without laws against killing, people would kill one another. When we take away laws (or refrain from having one to begin with as with animal rights) we see the true nature of human beings. What one does when there is no law against anything reveals their true nature. And anyone who continues to support the torture, violence and cruelty towards animals that takes place lavishly in this world is a prime example.

My first blog

I’ve been thinking about blogging recently. I’m not so sure why. Sometimes when on other social media sites, I feel like that is actually what I am doing….trying to keep a record of our life events, ideas, and passions. I think a blog would more than suffice, instead. 🙂